Creating Secrets

Creating Secrets

One of the most difficult portions of playing Annalise online is the process of managing secrets. It is in fact the whole reason why this application exists.
In order to add secrets to a game you must have first created a game. Head to the game details page by first clicking on "Games" in the navigation bar, and then selecting the game you would like to add secrets to. 

Once there, click on the "Manage Secrets" button on the top of the page.

This will take you to secrets management page for the game. On this page, you can create secrets and assign secrets to your characters.


Creating Secrets

Each player should visit this page an add secrets using the form at the top of the page. A player can add as many secrets to the game as they wish, but you should generally decide amongst your group how many secrets that each player will create. 

We recommend creating more than one secret per player, otherwise you can be assured that the secret you wrote will be assigned to a character.

Once you've created a nice pool of secrets the "Total Secrets" count will reflect how many secrets have been created.

Assigning Secrets

Each player should visit the Manage Secrets page and see their character at the bottom of the page under the "My Characters" heading. Clicking the "Assign Secret" button will give your character a secret.
You will never be assigned one of your own secrets.
This secret will be visible to you on your character page, as well as on the Game Table. This will not be visible to the other players, until your Secret trait's tokens are reduced to 0 during gameplay.

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