What is the GW2 API?

It's a fabulous way to get information about your GW2 account directly from official sources. If you'd like to learn more the GW2 Wiki has a ton of information about it: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/API:2/

How do you use my API key?

We send your API key to the GW2 API as a Bearer token to access your personal Guild Wars 2 data. We do not use the API key for any other purpose. It is persisted to your device and sent directly to the official API. 

How do you use my account data?

Your account data is only ever rendered directly in the application and not used for any other purpose. No account data is sent to Cthonic Studios.

Why are the achievements pages disabled?

At some point in the past, Arenanet disabled the achievements/daily API endpoint. It currently returns an error and a message of "API Disabled". Those pages were based on that endpoint, and as such are not functional. Some other community projects have gotten around this somehow, but for the moment we don't have an active solution.

What happens if I have a problem?

You can submit a handy ticket here: https://help.cthonicstudios.com/portal/en/newticket or send an email to support@cthonicstudios.com. We'll get back to you ASAP, though it may take several business days.

How can I support you?

This is a small side-project of a single-human company (who uses the "royal we" in help articles), so we appreciate your support. The two main ways would be:
1. Buy our stuff: https://cthos.itch.io
2. Buy Alex a coffee on https://ko-fi.com/daginus