Overview of the Tabletop

Overview of the Tabletop

The tabletop is where you will be spending most of your time during a game session. This article will go over the major sections of the tabletop.

The Game Flow Section

The very top section of the Tabletop is what we call the "Game Flow" section because it controls the flow of the game (boring, right?). It contains all the controls that move the game through rounds.

While playing Annalise, the game moves from one active character to the next as you describe scenes with the scene guide. Clicking on the Active Character's name will allow you to change which character is active. The random guide button will give you a suggestion for who to nominate as your scene guide. The "Next Round" button will select the next character in the character order. This is fixed, it will move from the first character invited to the last.

The second line of this section allows you to add Consequences and Achievements to the current round. These will be attached to the active character. Leaving the Manual Value section blank will allow the system to roll the die for you. If you'd like to use another program to roll dice together you can use the manual value to specify what the die roll is from that program.

Allowing the system to roll for you deviates from the normal rules for Annalise, where you roll all the dice and then assign them to the consequences. Instead, it will roll the die as you create them. If you'd like to follow the normal rule you should either specify manual values, or you can change the die values after they've been rolled. (See the "Playing the game" article for more info).

The Consequence Result Section

The Consequence Result Section is where consequences and Achievements from the previous section will appear as they are added. For examples and more details, see the "playing the game" article.

The Character Tabs

The last major section of the gametable is the series of Character tabs at the bottom. Characters are largely public in an Annalise game, you may see each other character, their traits, claims, and "results" (the Consequences and Achievements). You may only edit your own character, however.

Each character has a number of additional sections, summarized on the bottom:

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