Why did you make this?

Why did you make this?

Long story short, my regular tabletop group wanted to play Annalise remotely over the internet. When reading the rules, however, we couldn't find a good way to randomize and pass the secrets around.

So, I tossed together a really quick version of the site that takes secrets and then can assign them out to different players. One thing led to another and I decided that "why not make a full tabletop system to help facilitate the actual gameplay too?". Several months of tinkering on-and-off and here we are, the v1 of Annalise Helper.

Why not just use Roll20?

Roll20 is great! It definitely allows you to pass out cards, but I couldn't quickly figure out a way to take input from other players and then pass them out without revealing the whole deck. This also scratched the itch of wanting to keep my programming skills up-to-date.

Plus, I figure a full-on Roll20 mod would be too far into the realm of game design.
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